web page maker software

Remote DevOps:

Build and maintain full company/project infrastructure with following technologies: Compute Cloud providers, databases, ETL processes, CI/CD pipelines, backup strategy, code versioning and obfuscation, ELK clusters, Kafka, Storm, monitoring, alerting, Hadoop clusters, VOIP systems, collaboration tools, Kubernetes/Docker, orchestration and job management, NOC 24/7 and more.

Remote Development:

HTML (including Bootstrap 4), CSS (including SASS), JS (including JQUERY and various JS-plugins), PHP, C#, C++. Powerful landings, complex back-offices, web-systems, backends in PHP, network marketing (commission charges according to marketing plan, registrations etc.), website crawlers.

Blockchain Development:

Wallets, crypto-currencies development (POW, X11 POS, CryptoNote, Bitcoin/Litecoin forks), community, social and traffic management.